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Photography Courses And Smartphone Photography Workshops In London

Welcome to our curated list of photography resources and partners. Here, we've gathered a collection of websites and organisations that share our passion for photography. Whether you're a budding photographer, a seasoned pro, or simply looking to explore the world of photography, you'll find valuable resources and inspiration from our trusted partners. Feel free to explore these links and expand your photography horizons.

Photography Workshops and Courses:

  1. Liz Devonshire Photography
    Specialising in personal branding photography, business portraits and event photography, Liz offers valuable insights and courses for photographers of all levels.

  2. N. Crouch Photography
    Explore the stunning portfolio and work by Natalie Crouch Photography.

  3. New Shoots Photography Training on TripAdvisor
    Read reviews and discover the smartphone photography workshop by New Shoots Photography Training.

  4. Smartphone Photography Walkabout Workshop
    See more about our workshop for smartphone photography enthusiasts.


Photography Communities:

  1. London Photographic Society
    Connect with fellow photographers, join events, and showcase your work with the London Photographic Society.

  2. SheClicks
    An online community dedicated to supporting female photographers. Share your work and get inspired.

  3. Royal Photographic Society (RPS)
    Discover photography exhibitions, educational resources, and events hosted by the RPS.


Photography Institutions and Galleries:

  1. British Photography
    Explore the rich history of British photography through exhibitions and collections.

  2. V&A Photography Centre
    Visit the Victoria and Albert Museum's Photography Centre for a journey through photographic history.

  3. The Photographers' Gallery
    Immerse yourself in contemporary photography at The Photographers' Gallery.

  4. Southwark Cathedral
    Visit Southwark Cathedral and explore its architectural beauty, a great spot for photography.


We hope you find these photography resources valuable in your creative journey. As passionate photographers ourselves, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. Feel free to click through the links and explore the exciting world of photography. If you'd like to partner with us or have your website featured here, please contact us.


Happy photographing!

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