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DSLR Portrait




10.00am –1.00pm


The Café, Southwark Cathedral, Bankside, Montague Close, London SE1 9DA

Price: £80

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This workshop is perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts who want a refresher using DSLR cameras. We are two professional photographers who want to share our knowledge in a small friendly group, limited to 6 people. We will teach you the basics both technical and compositional so that you leave feeling confident and inspired.

This is an outdoor, fully practical workshop around Borough Market, where you will be shown different techniques and can practice your new skills, learning to achieve the following:

  • Using your own camera – An explanation of the different camera modes and what you should be using in different photographic situations.

  • The basics of correct exposure-The relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO

  • Focusing – getting pin sharp subjects. 

  • How to use the Metering Modes. 

  • White Balance - when to come off auto. 

  • How to compose a great shot. The best way to photograph people. 

  • How to be creative with depth of field and composition. 

  • How to take control of natural light

Time to arrive:

We will meet at 10.00am at The Refectory Café at Southwark Cathedral, SE1 9DA for the introductory part of the session, before we proceed on to the practical part. We anticipate finishing at 1pm, followed by half an hour free style around the market putting into practise what you have learnt. We will stay and give you feedback on images that you have taken in that half an hour (this last part is optional, so if you need to shoot off at this point you are free to do so). Lunch is not provided, but we will be surrounded by some fabulous places to grab a bite to eat at the end.

To Bring:

  • Your DSLR camera 

  • Lens/lenses of your choice 

  • A fully charged battery (if you have a spare charged battery bring that too) 

  • An empty memory card (we will be taking lots of pictures) 

  • Comfortable shoes 


To do before the training session:

  • Payment; please pay £80 (the full cost of course at least 14 days in advance).

  • Please email us your contact details address, and mobile number and the camera model you are 
bringing with you on the day.

  • Review the camera manual

Not ready to book yet? But want to know more:

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