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Smartphone Photography Courses And Workshops In London

My husband and I went on the New Shoots smart phone course around Borough Market a long time ago . It was fun, very easy to understand and I learnt so much about my phone and taking pictures. I would love a follow up hour to improve my technique. My husband is a very keen photographer but does not use his phone much for pictures. He really enjoyed the challenge.

Penny Beral 


Great introductory course around the buzz of Borough Market.

Kate Kardooni


A lovely relaxed way to learn how to start using a “proper” camera.

Nathalie and Liz are wonderful teachers and compliment each other perfectly.

Lizzy Blue


I would highly recommend this course to anybody who doesn't feel confident and wants to improve their skills. I had a great day, I learnt a lot and on top of that I ended with brilliant pictures. Liz and Nathalie were very patient and helpful. Thank you so much.

Mila Munoz


I did a one day course in London with Liz and Nathalie. It was well planned and a very good opportunity to learn how to use the camera and it’s different functions. Being out and about in different situations gave lots of practice with different settings.

Roz Bott


A fantastic well planned and FUN course. I got loads from it and would definitely recommend it to people looking to use more visuals in their business, and those just wanting a better quality snaps too.

Nicola Powell


When you have a small business and need to be a ‘jack of all trades’, it’s so useful to have some professional advice on improving the photography you take for social media.

I would highly recommend New Shoots photography training to anyone looking at improving their photography skills in a relaxed and fun environment. Thank you Nathalie and Liz, I had a fabulous morning.

Nicola Scott


My husband and I were keen to do this course as we had just purchased the new iPhone 11 Pro and wanted to fully exploit its new functionality. The photo shoot location of Borough Market was an added bonus and presented a beautiful canvas on which to test our new skills.

Natalie and Liz were both knowledgable and patient as our group of varying experience got
to grips with our newfound knowledge. We always loved capturing our memories inevitably on our various iPhones which were always to hand. This is now so much more rewarding as we tap into new apps and apply new skills and so much more thought into our new collection of memories.

Dominique and Mike Burton


Thank you to Liz & Natalie for a great smart phone workshop. A great location at Borough Market
where we could use both indoor & outdoor locations. Fantastic training & techniques that we could then put into practice. So pleased with the results & can’t wait to use what I have learned.

Would highly recommend. Thank you

Francesca Turner


Thank you Liz and Nathalie for your Smartphone workshop yesterday in Borough Market.
A very fun and informative morning. I would highly recommend it

Linda Lipinski


Fabulous morning at Borough Market learning how to get the best out of photography on our smart phones!

Very talented, friendly ladies! Great group! Thank you very much! If you do any more, I’m in!

Pauline Austick


The lovely trainers Liz & Nathalie

The relaxed, unintimidating vibe

The location!

The small group size

The fun!

Deb Horgan


Fantastic day. Lots of top tips. Helpful and friendly advice. Nice bunch of ladies. Would thoroughly recommend.

Sally Bullough


I take a lot of photographs on my mobile but the results were never really any good and I certainly never knew what my phone/camera was capable of. The smartphone workshop I attended was not only informative but at a great location. I came away with so many really useful tips and my photographs have improved already!....Well worth attending.

Paul Gransbury 


Had a wonderful morning learning all sort of things about photography and what can be done on iPhones. 

A very relaxed morning learning what great shots can be done on a smart phone.
Tom Tangney 



Really well structured and useful course to help you shoot great photos with your smart phone. Liz and Nathalie are helpful and friendly answering questions and making great suggestions on how to improve your photos with great demonstrations and guidance. The location was also excellent at Borough market, plenty of opportunity to find interesting subject matter.

Amanda Jagger


Yesterday I went on the Smartphone Photography course. I cannot praise it enough. Both Natalie and Liz, the two instructors are excellent at imparting knowledge.
We spent time in Southwark Cathedral and in and around Borough Market. I feel so much more confident now using my iPhone camera. There were so many things I was unaware of.
We were also shown some really original ideas for taking photos, eg reflections in puddles, different perspectives, and so much more.
The session finished with an introduction to photo editing on the phone using various different apps.
The course was totally covid safe, even down to being sent a test kit in advance.
I shall definitely be booking further courses with New Shoots.

Roz Bott


Went on course today - had a lovely day around Borough market - easy and chilled instructors ,learnt that my phone does more than I thought and took some great photos too !
And bought too much cheese …

Andrew Gladstone


I highly recommend New Shoots photography training. I had my all singing all dancing camera and took pretty good pictures with it, but knew it did a lot more than I used it for. After a day with Liz and Nathalie at New Shoots I learned about what my camera could do and practiced using those features under Liz’s instruction. Both Nathalie and Liz are experienced, patient, professional and superb trainers.

Lisa Dubow

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