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Specialist Photography

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

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New Shoots want to create fabulous workshops for all different needs so we have decided to run some specialist sessions once or twice a year to individuals or small to medium groups ...


Alongside our ongoing walkabout workshops New Shoots also offer some more specialist photography workshops, designed to hone in on areas that the more serious photographers would like to know about in order to improve their photography. We will give you the skills so that you can release your camera or smartphone’s full potential.

Specialist Photography Workshops


  • Flat-lay Workshop

The Flat-lay is the most popular way of photographing for Instagram and other social media platforms. Learn how to style a flat-lay successfully for beautiful photos. We will also cover how to best light a flat-lay to create different moods and discuss when best to shoot. This workshop will be taking place inside at studio premises.


  • Understanding Light Workshop

How successful or unsuccessful your photography is will depend on the lighting. This is a practical workshop where you will discover just how important it is. You will learn how the position of the light affects a photograph, how to create mood lighting and flattering shadows, how different lighting conditions change the colours in your image and how to fix this and how to take more control over both natural and artificial light.


  • Night Photography Workshop

We will be discovering the techniques of long exposure photography so that you can be confident when shooting at night and learn how to create night trails and even be prepared for taking photos of the Aurora or Northern Lights should you be lucky enough to go somewhere where they can be seen.

To find out more and discuss your specific needs for a bespoke workshop or to get a quote please get in touch with Liz or Natalie.

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